The Experts in Deep Oak Window Boards - 300mm and Wider!

We understand that there's never a 'one size fits all' when it comes to window boards, which is why we have a range of sizes available on all of our solid oak window board collections, whether it be bullnose, chamfer, round or square profile.

As we discussed in a previous blog post, we also offer the option to have your window boards trimmed to the exact length and width that you require before being sent to of charge. However, one thing that you might not have realised is that we can also cater to custom sizes larger than what we have listed as standard options.

In fact we often receive requests from customers for wide window boards of over 300mm in width. Depending on the width required, these are usually single piece boards without joins, and in fact we've produced many oak window boards at 325mm, 350mm and even 400mm, all in one lovely solid oak piece.

Due to the fact that wider pieces of solid timber can sometimes be harder to come by, we encourage customers who require deep window boards to contact us with enough notice so that we can ensure that we have oak boards in stock for when they're needed. However, as specialists in solid timber window boards we always try to ensure that we have few longer and wider pieces available in case they're needed.

If customers require oak window boards even wider than what's achievable in one piece, we'll discuss the options available and more often than not are able to come up with a solution to suit with joining two pieces of oak together.


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