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We pride ourselves on providing an excellent range of skirting boards in high quality hardwood oak. With a range of sizes and styles to choose from, we're sure you'll find the perfect skirting board for your home with us.

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2.4m Oak Ogee Skirting Board

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Oak skirting board manufacturers

The oak skirting board specialists.

Manufactured by our skilled craftsmen in our UK workshop, the oak skirting board styles that we offer are accurately machined and offer a wide choice of heights to suit any home. We know that when choosing solid oak skirting board you’re after something that demonstrates the grain, character and beauty that only solid hardwood oak can provide, which is why we only select the very best kiln dried timber.

95 to 220 mm
2.4 to 3.0 m
20 mm

A range of beautifully machined styles.

Our skirting collection features many of the most popular skirting board profiles; including Ogee, Torus, Chamfered, Square and Bullnose.


Ogee skirting board profile


Square skirting board profile


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Perfectly machined and finished oak skirting.

Machining ourselves allows us to ensure that each individual length of skirting board passes our strict quality control. We want to over-deliver which is why we make the extra effort to hand-finish and sand your skirting board before it’s packaged and sent out from our workshop.

Several height choices

Ranging from low to high skirting boards, our skirting board sizes include 95mm to 220mm in height with several options in-between, making it easy to find a suitable skirting height and profile to meet your requirements. We pride ourselves on making your choice of timber skirting boards hassle free.

Lengths that minimise waste

All of our skirting board range arrives in 2.4 or 3 metre lengths, perfect for long or wide rooms and ideal for shorter and narrower rooms too by simply cutting to size. Order as many or few lengths as you need, but consider our recommendation to order 10% extra to cover for miscuts when fitting.

Thicknesses to suit

Our solid oak skirting boards are not only machined but also sanded to a 20mm finished thickness. At the same finished thickness as our solid oak architrave we ensure that the skirting and architrave that you buy from us blends together perfectly in your home, especially when combined with our oak door frames.

4 inch oak skirting board 4 inch
5 inch oak skirting board 5 inch
6 inch oak skirting board 6 inch
7 inch oak skirting board 7 inch
8 inch oak skirting board 8 inch
9 inch oak skirting board 9 inch

* Images not to scale

Top tip

Choose your skirting board along with our architrave for the perfect combination!

Our oak skirting and architrave are machined using the same high-quality oak, and same cutters, ensuring the perfect match for your home.

Need to know more?

When choosing to buy skirting board you’ll be met with numerous options in terms of material used, height, length and style. Among the material options there is MDF, pine and of course oak. Choosing wooden skirting board is a popular choice because of the sheer beauty and eye-catching appearance that materials such as oak possess. Pine is a cheaper alternative to hardwood skirting and is ideal for skirting boards that are going to be painted, whereas oak is unbeatable if you’re after the durability and beauty of natural solid timber that really stands out when waxed, oiled or lacquered.

So which style is best for you? Do you like contemporary, modern skirting boards like the Round, Chamfered and Square profile, or more traditional skirting board designs such as Ogee, Torus and Victorian skirting board. The choice among skirting profiles is varied, but the decision is purely down to personal preference and what suits the existing look of your home. Replacing skirting boards like-for-like is easier of course, but also consider the numerous options you have in case you wanted a change of style around the home.

Then comes the size, and in particular the height of hardwood skirting board that you buy. Wooden skirting boards can be bought from us in near enough any height, but we do have some of the more popular height options available as standard, and a large selection to choose from too!