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Choose among our oak beam furniture for fireplace surrounds, shelving, coffee tables and lamp stands. Machined using high quality air and kiln dried oak, our oak beams are second to none.

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100x100mm Classic Oak Fireplace Beam

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150x150mm Oak Beam Lamp Stand

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100mm Thick Rustic Oak Beam Coffee Table

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Solid oak beams

Beams at their best.

There isn't a lot that provides a stand out feature as much as a modern or traditional oak beam. Whether it be for the most common use of a feature piece above a fireplace or as a rustic oak beam shelf, our solid oak beams are certainly stunning and offer fantastic value for money.

75 to 250 mm
100 to 250 mm
0.2 to 1.5 m

Kiln or air dried.

Our excellent range of kiln or air dried oak beams.

Air dried oak beams

Featuring large splits and cracks, our air dried oak beams offer a lot of character in a rustic style. Once machined, sanded and hand finished these old oak beams look truly stunning. Finishing the oak beam with your choice of oil results in a solid oak piece that certainly stands out no matter where it's situated.

Kiln dried oak beams

A much cleaner style, the oak beams in our kiln dried range don't feature the large splits and cracks that our air dried collection does, but instead demonstrates shear class and beauty in its grain detail and smooth, clean finish. These are perfect as an oak fireplace beam or as part of oak beam furniture such as an oak beam coffee table.

Beautifully hand made oak beams that wow.

There isn't a lot that provides a stand out feature as much as a modern or traditional oak beam. Whether it be for the most common use of a feature piece above a fireplace or as a rustic oak beam shelf, our solid oak beams are certainly stunning and offer fantastic value for money.

Oak beams for fireplaces

One of our most popular requests from customers is for the oak mantel beam that instantly becomes the focal point of any room with a fireplace opening. A real feature piece, these oak beams are available in a variety of lengths, widths and thicknesses and can be bought from us in either air dried or kiln dried style depending on the look that you’re after.

Oak fireplace beams

Oak beam lamp stands

Our fabulous oak beam lamp stands are an inexpensive way to add solid oak beam furniture to your living space. Not only can these be used for table lamps, but as a neat coffee table or just as an ornamental piece. Available in different widths and lengths, these oak beam blocks can be be bought to suit any size room and demonstrate the same high quality craftsmanship as all of our oak products.

Oak beam lamp stands

Oak beam tables

Our stunning range of oak beam tables features oak coffee tables and side tables created using the same high quality oak beams that we use for an oak beam fireplace. Made by us in our UK workshop, we carefully select and craft the beams to create a very strong, durable, and visually stunning oak beam table that won’t break the bank.

Oak beam tables

Oak beam mantel shelves

Our oak beam shelves are heavy, yet when fitted correctly are a real eye-catcher. Available in a wide range of dimensions, these oak shelves are fantastic value for money but demonstrate high quality craftsmanship using only the best oak beams. Combined with our other oak beam furniture these shelves go a long way to improving the appeal of any room.

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Choose from a traditional or modern style.

Our choice of finishes allows you to choose a style that matches your preference. All stunning, yet different in appearance.

Need to know more?

Available in a wide range of lengths, widths and thicknesses, our oak timber beams can be machined to suit any requirements and hand finished to an excellent standard. Machining, sanding and hand finishing our oak beams, we specialise in creating the exact type of oak focal piece that you're after.

Our oak beams for sale are created using only the best solid oak, in your choice of kiln dried or air dried. Each has their own unique characteristics and attractions, and availability in different thicknesses and widths.

Whether it be a contemporary or rustic type feel that you're after, the addition of an oak beam could be just what your room needs to give it that homely feel. Often used as oak fireplace beams, our perfectly machined beams are designed to impress whilst offering durability and longevity. The weight and feel of our oak beams really makes you realise the quality as soon as you lay your hands on them!

The introduction of solid oak instantly brings a dull room to life with the natural beauty of the grain and colour of high quality oak. Oak beam fireplaces are a perfect example, where it instantly draws attention when entering the room. Add to this the glow of a fire against natural oak and you can instantly see why an oak beam mantle or oak beam fire surround is ever-popular.

What you imagine as a fireplace beam can also be used in other ways. In fact, our oak beam table, lamp stand and side table range are perfect examples of how these oak beams can be used as different items of furniture that stand out in your room. Furthermore, when combining all of these items together, a room can instantly become a much nicer place to spend your time.

We try to make it as easy as possible to buy oak beams from us, which is why we like to give you the option of choosing between kiln dried and air dried oak beams, along with numerous combinations of lengths, widths and thicknesses. Need something a little bit different? Get in touch and we’ll try to accommodate your bespoke custom requirements.