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Our chunky and durable solid oak beam tables are made by hand and built to last. Using high quality solid oak, our oak beam table collection consists of several styles and in varying sizes to suit your room, whether it be an oak beam side table or coffee table.

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100mm Thick Rustic Oak Beam Coffee Table

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150x150mm Oak Beam Lamp Stand

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The stunning focal piece you're after.

Our range of oak beam tables are visually beautiful and use only the best air dried oak beams, carefully hand chosen. The oak beam style table is a real eye-catcher due to its solid structure, the natural beauty of solid oak and superb craftwork. The use of oak beams really makes them stand out in any room.

We custom design, manufacture and hand finish all of our oak beam tables, ensuring that you receive excellent value for money and a beautiful piece of furniture. Featuring several size combinations, we can cater to small, medium or large requirements.

600 to 1200 mm
450 to 800 mm

Carefully hand made to order.

Whether it be an oak beam table for the middle of your living room, or an oak beam side table for next to your sofa, we ensure that each receives the attention to detail it deserves. Demonstrating fantastic character and grain detail, these oak beam tables are certain to impress.

600x450mm to 1200x800mm

Choice of coloured wax finishes

Air dried

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Solid oak beam table

Choose a waxed finish in the colour of your choice.

Choose from among our choice of coloured waxes to compliment your oak beam table and bring out the beautiful character.

A range of oak table styles

Our range of oak beam tables is ever-increasing, with different designs and sizes to suit your taste and requirements. Our solid oak beam coffee table range is designed for a rustic look, yet suit any room they’re used, no matter whether it be a contemporary or cottage setting. The oak beam side tables are an excellent investment that have numerous uses and look great as lamp stands, candle holders and side tables next to seating areas.

A variety of size options

Our oak beam coffee tables and side tables are available in several sizes, from thin to chunky and short to long. Every piece uses the same high quality air dried oak beams no matter which size you choose. Our combination of lengths, widths and thicknesses are numerous, yet custom orders can be placed by contacting us beforehand. All oak beam tables are hand made to order and can be made to your specifications.

Need to know more?

Creating a stand-out feature in any room is easy with an oak beam table. The natural character of oak beams do all of the legwork in providing the beauty of solid timber due to to their beautiful knots, grain and splits, and make for a real eye-catching piece when used in any furniture item. Our oak beam tables are durable and solid in structure, making it even more satisfying that you’re buying something of great value that will last for years. In fact, your oak beam table could develop yet more character over time with the natural ageing process of air dried oak.

Oak beams are perfect for adding a stunning piece of natural timber to your home. We develop and create all oak beam tables ourselves, and ever-increasing the variety of styles and sizes that we can offer. Our oak beam tables are striking as centre piece coffee tables, yet the oak beam side tables are a great way of adding touches of beauty. They work perfectly together, and priced affordably, so you can rest assured that you’re buying something that will look great and certain to wow friends and visitors alike.