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Oak door frames and linings, machined in only the best quality solid oak and hand-finished to ensure an excellent quality at unbeatable prices. Single and double door sizes available.

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Oak Single Door Lining Set (Square)

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Oak door lining set

Beautiful solid oak frames.

Our solid oak door frame kits demonstrate the excellent quality that we aim for when machining all of our solid oak products. Machined using only the best kiln dried solid oak, all of our oak door frames are hand-finished to ensure an excellent door lining that’s easy to fit and looks stunning when installed.

108 to 300 mm
2.1 x 1.0 m single set
2.1 x 2.1 m double set
20 mm

Supplied 'ready to fit'.

Designed to suit all standard door frame sizes, these door linings arrive machined and sanded to a 20mm thickness. Not only do we machine our hardwood door frames, but we sand them so that they’re ready to install as soon as they arrive at your front door! All accompanied by matching 35x12mm oak door stops.

The oak door lining to beat them all.

Our current collection of timber door frames are available in 5 widths to suit the needs of a large majority of our customers. However, machining our own products means we can cater to individual requirements if you are after something different to what we have for sale.

Door lining sizes to suit

Our standard interior door frames arrive including 2 lengths of 2.1 metres and 1 length of 1 metre. For 99% of UK door frame sizes, this is plenty of height and width to suit what you need. However, we can also supply longer lengths too if needed. Our double door lining sets arrive in the same perfectly machined condition but in 3 lengths of 2.1metres, giving you the extra door frame width you require.

108mm oak door lining 108mm
133mm oak door lining 133mm
170mm oak door lining 170mm
250mm oak door lining 250mm
300mm oak door lining 300mm

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Top tip

We'll machine your door linings to size if you need a more specific width

At no added cost, we can machine your door linings to suit. Simply order the next size up and add a note during checkout.

Need to know more?

Like all of our hardwood timber products, our door linings are machined by our experienced joinery team in our UK workshop. As such we ensure that each door lining set is individually inspected and hand-finished so that you receive a perfectly machined item. All of our internal door frames arrive with door stops included, which are also sanded, ready to fit.

Each door frame kit we have available to buy demonstrates the natural tones and beauty that you'd expect from oak. We make sure that only the best hardwood timber is used that is durable and hardwearing, ensuring you get excellent value for money and exactly what you're looking for. The standard door lining thickness we have available is 20mm after machining and sanding, providing a well finished lining set that's ready to install as soon as it arrives. We can even do thicker door lining sizes too!

Along with your solid oak door, we aim to really enhance the look of your home with our solid oak door frames. Arriving sanded, you can easily add a personal touch by oiling, waxing or lacquering the door frames as soon as they arrive. Rest assured that you’re buying the best of the best and we only supply oak door frames that we’d be happy with in our own homes.