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Our individually handmade wooden coat racks are a real eye-catcher that look great in a hallway, cloakroom, utility room or kitchen. Featuring only solid natural pine and oak timber, all of our coat rack styles are handfinished to ensure that you’re buying a beautiful focal piece that’s also highly practical. We can also cater to custom requirements too, so take a look at our wooden coat rack collection and get in touch should you require anything different.

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Supplied 'ready to fit'.

Each individual coat rack is supplied ready to fit. We machine, sand, wax finish and fix the coat hooks before delivery, so that it's as easy as possible for you to fit as soon as it arrives. Each wooden coat rack receives the same attention to detail to ensure that it exceeds your expectations, and did we mention that it's free delivery too!

Stunning coat racks designed to impress.

Our pine and oak coat rack collection is designed with our customers in mind. Featuring a variery of finishes, sizes and styles you're sure to find the perfect coat rack for wherever you fit it, whether it be your hallway, cloakroom, kitchen, or elsewhere.

Top tip

We hand make every wooden coat rack in our UK workshop to ensure high quality

You can rest assured that your wooden coat rack will be machined using the best solid oak and pine, with strong cast iron coat hooks and professionally waxed.

Beautiful wooden coat racks that 'wow'

It’s often the little things that make a big difference in home decor and our coat hook rack collection is designed to do just that. Every wooden coat rack we create, whether it be a modern or vintage style, light or dark finish, small or large in size, receives the same attention to detail and quality of finish. Our oak coat racks are perfect for a hallway, cloakroom, or even a kitchen for hanging ornaments and decorative pieces and our range of lengths are sure to suit any size wall. We also try hard to provide you with a variety of styles so that you can find what suits your requirements the most.

Our range of wall mounted coats racks all include high quality cast iron coat hooks, supplied in a number of finishes including modern, vintage and shabby chic. Mounted to solid oak and pine timber sets these coat hooks off a treat, especially after finishing with our selection of wax colours. We aim to provide a variety of timber mounts and coat hook combinations to cater to a wide audience and in doing so have created some stunning modern and antique coat rack styles.

Rest assured that you’re buying high quality. We are a UK woodworking team with years of experience and make all of our timber products, including wooden coat racks, in-house. All designed, machined and hand finished by us. As such, we’re always available to listen to your custom coat rack designs. Perhaps you’d like a different timber, different wax finish, or different coat hooks. Get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss your requirements.