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Our bullnose window sills are perfect for adding a classic style to your windows. Using only the best kiln dried Oak and machined to accuracy, these bullnosed window boards are unbeatable on price and quality.

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20mm Bullnose Window Sill

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25mm Bullnose Window Sill

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Beautifully bullnosed oak sills.

Like all of our window sills, the bullnose window sill is machined by our team in our UK joinery workshop. As such we ensure that all sills are perfectly machined and expertly finished using only the best quality solid oak. Our bullnose window sills are not only extremely durable, but also beautiful to look at and a breeze to install.

20 or 25 or 30 mm
0.6 to 2.4 m
200 to 300 mm
Bullnose window board profile

Options and sizes that suit you.

With the oak planed and sized to your specification, and bullnose accurately profiled, we ensure that all of our oak window board is sanded to a smooth finish. Whereas our competitors provide you with an unsanded, machined sill, we ensure that the bullnose window board that you order will be ready to fit and oil or wax as soon as it arrives. No extra work needed.

(600 to 2400mm) x (200 to 300mm) x (20 to 30mm)

Free 'cut to size' service available

American White Oak

Choose your bullnose sill

Why not bullnose the ends of your oak window board?

Unlike most other oak window board suppliers, we are able to bullnose the ends (the return) of your sill.

The perfect length.

Choose from our range of length options and save on costly wood waste. By allowing you to buy your bullnose window board in increments of 0.3m you don’t end up paying for expensive waste. Starting at 0.6m (600mm) in length and increasing by 300mm to 2.4m in length, we cater to the most common requirements. We can also help if you need something that little bit different too.

The exact width.

We know that the width (depth) of window sill can vary greatly depending on the window reveal, so we provide a set of options that are most common. With our cut-to-size service we can also adapt to any other width that you might need as well. In fact, manufacturing our own bullnose window sills means that we can cater to near enough any length, width and thickness requirement you might have.

The precise thickness.

We currently offer our bullnosed window sills in 3 different thicknesses; 20mm, 25mm, and 30mm. No matter which thickness you choose we ensure that the bullnose is perfectly profiled, the oak exquisitely machined, and the finished window sill sanded to exceed expectations. We've got you covered on any length, width and thickness of window sill that you require.