Oak Antique Doors

Our antique oak doors are one of our most sought after style of door, featuring rustic grade oak that is hand crafted to appear antique in appearance. These solid oak antique reproduction doors are individually made, paying attention to all of the details you'd expect from rustic, old style wooden doors.

Perfect for the antique look.

Old style wooden doors are a fantastic way of adding character to your home, and no more so than with our antique reproduction doors. Featuring random width wide boards with worn antique style corners and edges, these oak doors are machined to a high standard, and individually hand finished to ensure our antique doors are unbeatable in quality and price.

Add a touch of antique class to your home

Every cottage door that we sell, including the old barn door style is assembled by hand in our UK workshop. We do all of the hard work to make sure that you receive a perfectly finished oak door that offers fantastic value for money and is certain to please. Not to be confused with mass produced doors, these old wooden doors are machined, sanded and hand finished by us.

We make sure that these old internal doors are certain to look great in your home, especially when waxed or oiled to really bring out the beauty of the oak and door design. In contributing to this we machine all of our old oak doors to an overall 44mm thickness including board and ledge. Rest assured that you’re not buying just a run of the mill flimsy feeling 40mm oak door, but a better looking and more durable oak door that looks and feels substantial.

We aim to provide your antique cottage door to you ready to fit. This means we take great care to hand finish every oak door that we produce, and offer an optional treatment service. Alternatively, waxing or oiling your oak door yourself is easy due to the work we put in before delivering to you. Though we try to provide examples of how these doors look, nothing does them justice in comparison to when oiled or waxed, which really brings the character and grain detail to life.

All of our antique oak doors are made using only the best kiln dried European oak, which is carefully selected to demonstrate character and detail. Each door is individually unique, yet shows off the unbeatable beauty that only solid oak can provide. Proudly made by us in the UK, our range of cottage, bead and butt, antique and barn door styles are second to none.